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About Us

Vrati Health Plans is the product of consumer demand. A collaboration and partnership of providers, administrators, and vendors has culminated in this effective and much needed health insurance platform for you!

Vrati is a level-funded health insurance platform administered by our TPA partners.

Vrati Health Plans
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Why We Do It

Vrati is a derivative of the Croatian word, “vratiti”, which means “to return to, or to restore”. The vision of Vrati is to see the integrity of health insurance restored to a place where everyone can afford quality and fairly priced coverage.

Our mission is to deliver health plans that employers can be proud to offer, and that employees and their families can feel confident in accessing quality affordable care.

How It Works

All too often, the only way to manage costs involves cutting the quality of health insurance coverage, but we believe there is a better way. Vrati utilizes the most innovative tools and services to manage the triggers that drive health insurance costs without sacrificing the needs of individuals and families to receive quality care.

Consuming high quality care at affordable rates leads to lower year-over-year insurance premiums!

What Is Level-Funding?

Premium rates are based on a combination of administrative costs, expected claims costs and a built in stop-loss insurance policy to protect against large claims. If the groups claims are less than expected, then the group can qualify for a rebate from that claims fund.
Insurance coverage


For groups with 5+ employees, Vrati Health Plans deliver large group solutions to the small group market!


Demand better benefits for your employees. Provide great quality health insurance you can afford.