Tired of insurance rates going up,
and benefit plan quality going down?

You deserve better!
Vrati health plan costs are designed to be affordable and sustainable.

Better Value. Better Options. Better Benefits.

A community-rated health plan does not allow you to participate in the profitability of your health plan. With Vrati level-funding, groups that qualify will receive 50% of unused claims reserve back at the end of the policy year and benefit from lower, more stable renewal increases each year. Vrati offers 9 quality benefit plans designs to fit every need. All benefit plans also boast a disappearing or dramatically reduced deductible program for most lab, imaging, and surgical services.
Benefits Include:
primary care

$10 Primary Care Copay

Generic Rx Copay

$1 Generic Rx Copay


$0 Free Telehealth Services

Premium rebate potential

Premium rebate potential

Full Nationwide PPO

Full Nationwide PPO

Wellness program

Wellness program with built in discounts and incentives


10-20% savings average in the first year compared to community-rated plans

online benefits

Free online benefits administration system


Vrati makes compliance easy including resources for government reporting & 1095s

Insurance cost

Escape the hamster wheel of huge cost increases and no options each year.

When was the last time your broker gave you a real, long term strategy to keep health insurance costs affordable?